Always a good experience.

Alan H

Always a very good experience. I had my teeth whitened and they look great!! Appointment reminders, scheduling, staff,etc superior.

Edward L.

Always professional, efficient and on top their game! I trust my oral health to the Dr. Prieston's care and team!


Unlike previous dentists and hygienists I have worked with the service here is top notch. I can appreciate a team that can work efficiently to ensure my needs are met. Quality work even if I just found out I have a cavity!

Mike D.

Easy appointment, very friendly staff, great doctor...overall excellent experience....!!!

Dinesh P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Prieston’s for over 25 years, and I like to say that he is the one person who really cares about his patients. My last experience with him tooth place in all of 2009 when I realized that I needed dental implants for my front teeth. He took his time to make sure that it was performed to my satisfaction as well as his. When my new crowns arrived at his office, I saw no problem with them. However, Dr. Prieston being the perfectionist that he is, was slightly dissatisfied with the structure of the crowns so he sent them back for further improvements. That in itself showed me how much he cares for his patients. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr. Prieston to any of my family or friends.

Richard I.

While we live in Northern Westchester County, my wife and I have been seeing Dr. Prieston because she used to work at a company in CT. He is gentle and caring and you never feel like your being rushed through. He's skillful and thorough and a great dentist. I've been to several and I'm willing to travel 25 miles to see him.

Steve J.

This is a followup to my email. I want you to know how much I appreciated the care you gave me when my crown split. You saved me hundreds of dollars at a time when every dollar counts. Your team, by the way, is also wonderful. Their cheerful presence makes coming to your office almost fun.

Sherri R.

Thank you so much for your most thorough care when I visited your office. You and Suzanne, your hygienist, and also your lovely receptionist made me feel so cared for and safe in all your most capable hands. I'm so happy to have found a dentist who understands and cares for the special needs of a phobic patient such as me. I'm sending you a video clip from ABC news about fluoride that I thought you and your staff might find interesting. Thanks again for your care and concern.

Bertilla B.T.

I've had great experiences with Dr. Prieston. The care and kindness of the staff is always great over there as well. I was seen in a reasonable time and I always feel so welcomed every visit! Best Dentist in the Norwalk, CT area.


Dr. Prieston has been my dentist for years. It is the care and the kindness of the staff that keeps me going back after all these years. Especially Sue, she is wonderful and always makes me feel comfortable. I wouldn't trust my teeth to anyone else in Norwalk.


I have been a patient of Dr. Prieston at Norwalk Dental Care for 13 years now. What I like the most overall about his amazing practice is how wonderful all of the staff are.

Marleene D.

I have been going to Dr Prieston for so long because I love the office. He does great work and everyone is always so pleasant. The whole staff is very caring, I have never had a bad experience here. I highly recommend this office!

Matt G.

I've been a patient of Dr. Prieston's for several years. He and his staff have been great. Sue makes me feel very comfortable every visit, she's wonderful. Dr. Prieston is definitely one of the best orthodontics around.

Harold H.

In the past 12 years that Dr. Prieston has been my dentist, I have never had a bad experience. Each time I come in for an appointment they exceed my expectations with their kind demeanor and professional, knowledgeable staff. I couldn't be happier with their services and I plan to go to Dr. Prieston for my dental work for 12 more years.

Morning G.

The reason that I have been with Gregory Prieston since 1981 is that they really are as good as it gets. They always exceed my expectations and provide excellent dental care.

Phill B.

Dr. Prieston and his staff are outstanding! My kids and I have been going there for years. My daughter has had extensive work done to her teeth and is not afraid to go there, what does that tellyou! I highly recommend this dentist and his caring staff.

Michelle A.

I have been going to Dr Prieston for almost a year. The office is run very smoothly and everyone is great. I love that they always respect your time for your appointment. I've never had to waitlonger than a couple minutes.

Caleb M.

Quality Care!!!. Dr. Prieston has been great! I was kind of nervous getting braces, but he explained the whole process which made me feel at ease. I like how informative he is and the staff is wonderful! He isdefinitely one of the best orthodontics in the Norwalk area.

Emily G.

Best Dentist in the area!. Dr. Prieston is one of the best dentists in the area! I really like how he explains everything to me so I feel at ease. He has been absolutely great throughout the years and is extremely friendly andpersonable.

Kathy W.

The Absolute Best. I cannot thank Dr. Prieston enough for extending the life of my teeth over the years and Vanessa for being so diligent and proficient. They are truly the best when it comes to dental care, I can'tsay enough good things about them and their services.

Verified Reviewer

Great Dental Experience!. The reason that I have been going to Norwalk Dental Care for over twenty years is that they provide high quality work in a low pressure, calming environment. I just always feel so comfortable andrelaxed.

Pam R