Am I still a candidate for Invisalign if I’ve had braces?

Traditional braces are sometimes the best option for orthodontic treatment, especially if your teeth are severely out of alignment. However, sometimes after treatment with traditional braces, the teeth can shift, creating a need for additional correction. to manage this type of treatment. When is Invisalign a Good Choice After Braces?…
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Do genetics play a role in the overall health of teeth?

As with other systems and tissues in our body, genetics do play a role in the health of teeth but there are measures a person can take to enjoy vibrant oral health and prevent disease. The oral system’s health is connected to the rest of the body, too. Some conditions…
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Convention of Continuing Education

The staff and Dr.Prieston headed north for a super semi-annual convention of continuing education. The four day seminar in Massachusetts was about dental practice operations and development. The event was sponsored by the Gems organization. It was an opportunity to meet and discuss with likeminded dental offices a variety of…
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